Jungle of Veggies

Seeding Growth: Jungle of Veggies' Rise from Media Page to Go-To Vegan Recipe Hub with a Fresh, Scalable Brand and User-Friendly Site!

From a spirited media page to a vibrant community hub, Jungle of Veggies thrives on sharing diverse recipes from various creators. Initiated with the vision to be an indispensable asset to the vegan community, it aimed to amalgamate its vast recipe collection on a dedicated platform and is on the verge of launching an innovative Recipe AI Generator.


  • Brand Identity Development: Forge a unique, scalable brand identity for Jungle of Veggies, echoing freshness, organic ethos, and vegan lifestyle vibrancy. An identity designed not just to appeal but to engage the vegan community as the media page broadens its offerings.

  • Website Design & Development: Craft and launch a centralized website, providing easy access and navigation through recipes dispersed over various social media, serving as a comprehensive repository.

My Role

  • Led crafting of a scalable brand identity aligned with Jungle of Veggies’ vision.

  • Developed an intuitive, user-focused website interface.

  • Managed project from concept to launch, ensuring stakeholder collaboration.

  • Analysed post-launch data for ongoing site optimisation.

02_Approach & Solution

Brand Crafting

Engaged in intense brainstorming and conceptual sessions to carve out a brand identity embodying freshness and organic aesthetic. The resultant identity is not just scalable but is a living, breathing entity ready to evolve in tandem with the expanding platform and its offerings.

Website Development

A meticulously planned and executed development phase ensured the birth of a website with a user-centric interface, mirroring the crafted brand identity, promising not just visual delight but also an intuitive, seamless user experience. The structured, engaging recipe pages act as beacons inviting users to delve deeper and explore.

03_Final Design

Final Design


Warm Reception

The unveiled brand identity received an enthusiastic response, encapsulating Jungle of Veggies' spirit and forging a stronger community connection. The meticulously designed website soon turned into a preferred destination for vegan enthusiasts, witnessing a steady surge in traffic and engagement post-launch.