Pahli Hill Bandra Bahi

Culinary Canvas Transformed: Elevating Pahli Hill Bandra Bahi with Distinctive Designs, from Menus to Web Presence

Pahli Hill Bandra Bahi, a Michelin-featured gem nestled in Fitzrovia, serves as a canvas celebrating the diverse regional cuisines of India. With an allure of exclusivity, it conceals a vibrant speakeasy cocktail bar, Bansra Bahi, within its basement, offering a unique blend of culinary excellence and immersive experience.

Work & Impact

Engaged in a sustained collaboration with Pahli Hill Bandra Bahi, I provided an array of design services to meet their evolving needs, contributing to their distinct brand presence and customer experience.

My Role

  • Menu Design Mastery: Crafted visually captivating and coherent menu designs that seamlessly aligned with the restaurant's exquisite ambiance and diverse offerings.

  • Product Design Innovation: Designed unique spirit bottles and other specialty items used for events, encapsulating the restaurant’s sophisticated and cultural aesthetic.

  • Web & Digital Design: Developed a user-friendly and visually appealing website, while also creating engaging newsletters to enhance the restaurant’s online presence and customer engagement.