Keebo's Website Re-Design

Keebo's new website boosted new credit applications by +718%

Keebo is a visionary UK credit card company founded in 2019. It leverages cutting-edge Open Banking tech and AI to offer secure, affordable credit and guide customers towards responsible spending and credit-building.


Revamp Keebo’s website for enhanced user experience boosting conversions for app downloads, all while adhering to stringent Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations.

My Role

  • Spearheaded the entire project lifecycle, from ideation to launch.

  • Conducted deep-dive user research, laying the groundwork for informed design decisions.

  • Orchestrated the design and development phase, working hand-in-hand with leading team members (Head of Design, Head of Research and Creative Lead).


Timeline Overview

Research & Discovery

  • Utilised heat maps, Google Analytics, and session recordings to scrutinise user behaviour.

  • Engaged potential card applicants through surveys and interviews, uncovering crucial insights.

  • Hosted a workshop for emotional user journey mapping to spotlight areas ripe for enhancement.

Strategy Development

  • Demystified product features for effortless comprehension.

  • Honed the design system, fortifying brand consistency.

  • Crafted compelling CTAs and incorporated crucial info to streamline applications.

  • Boosted brand trust with authentic customer testimonials and social proof.

03_Design Process

Design Process:

  • Embraced a user-centric paradigm, crafting personas and mapping their application journey

  • Developed wireframes and interactive prototypes, refining them based on real-time user and stakeholder feedback.

04_Final Design

Final Design

Executed a mobile-first design, categorising the layout by features.

Seamlessly merged Keebo’s brand into the design system.

Clarified and condensed copy, punctuated with direct CTAs and bolstered with testimonials.

Showcased tangible card images to foster deeper trust.

Introduced an "Explore More" segment, spotlighting user-relevant topics.

Before & After

Live website

User Feedback

Post-redesign, user surveys lauded the enhanced website credibility while preserving Keebo's brand essence.
Achieved an NPS of 90.

Engagement Metrics

A staggering 718% uptick in completed applications within a month of going live.


Potential next steps include A/B testing on core messaging to elevate conversion dynamics further.