Sanna Öberg

Elevating Sanna Öberg’s Signature Nude Makeup Artistry with a Sleek, Intuitive Portfolio Showcase

Sanna Öberg is a London-based makeup artist renowned for her exquisite work with high-profile brands and elite magazines, including Vogue. Specialising in the sophisticated art of nude style makeup, Sanna's portfolio is a testament to her unparalleled skill and unique aesthetic.


  • Showcase Portfolio: Develop a website that seamlessly showcases Sanna's extensive portfolio while embodying her distinctive style.

  • User Experience: Ensure the website offers an expressive, frictionless experience, accentuating her work's visual appeal while facilitating ease of navigation for headhunters and potential collaborators.

My Role

  • Crafted a portfolio design that mirrors Sanna's unique style, effectively telling her professional story through visuals.

  • Developed a website with a focus on ease of use, creating an intuitive experience that highlights Sanna’s work while facilitating easy navigation for visitors.

  • Ensured the portfolio’s design allowed for quick identification of Sanna’s high-quality work, catering to the needs of potential employers and collaborators.

  • Implemented responsive web design practices to ensure accessibility and functionality across various devices.

02_Final Design

Final Design